Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Woe Is Me

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Distance 34.2 Miles
Ave Speed 11MPH
Time in Saddle 3:06
Top Speed 22.6 MPH

It was the first long road ride of the season and it was done on the steel touring bike.  It's heavy.

As I was approaching a cross street six or so miles into the ride, a roadie went speeding by.  When I got to the corner and looked up, I could see he was not riding that fast.  I'm thinking "his first day out also".   The Jr. High feeling of wanting to chase kicked in and I upped my cadence for a couple of minutes.   Luckily, I came to my senses, pulled over and took a couple of photos till he was well out of sight.  I really don't like that feeling of, I have to catch up.

Before that, another rider and I passed each other on the Phoenix MUP in Fairhaven.  I said hello and he just looked.  I don't wear a kit or a helmet and I really think he took offense with the look I got from him.

I have been doing lots of fitness over the last couple of months but it wasn't bike stuff.  I was in and out of the biking zone mentally for the whole ride and when I was out of the zone I was struggling.  In the zone, time passes unnoticed. and riding is a breeze.  Speaking of breezes, I'm pretty sure that's was kept knocking me out of the zone.  The wind gust were pretty stiff at times.  But as I approached the neighborhood I felt like I accomplished something.  But my first though entering the house........Woe is me.

Cranberry bogs without the actors.

Mattapoisett, MA.  River Rd.

Derelict Light Ship in Wareham, MA.

Just a house, in Wareham

A WWII landing craft


  1. Lovely pictures and account. I, too, become rather self-conscious when bikers fly pass me. A part of me want to catch them, but if I were to do that, I will miss the scenery around me. Plus, there is no rush.

  2. Great photos! It looks like quite a fun ride. I'm glad you got out for a recreational ride. Mine have been few and far between lately.

  3. I wear a kit and helmet and almost always get an unfriendly look or ignored from riders when I say hello. When I first started riding 25 years ago that was never the case. It's either a reflection of the evolution of the cycling community around here or society at large I guess.