Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bell Ringers

Today was the first chilly day of the season.  It was around 40F and windy on the way to drive the Salvation Army bell ringers.   Naturally I got caught in the middle of the harbor when the bridge opened.  Both ways as a matter of fact.

BTW Here is the reason for my not posting for a couple of months.

I ride to the city daily to deliver the Salvation Army bell ringers to their stores.  In this setting one gets to see a different side to these people.  They are mostly down and out,  but all are nice.

Salvation Army bell ringers

Derelict boat in New Bedford, Ma harbor.  


  1. You help the Salvation Army? Good on ya:-)

    I know lots of folks like to bag on them, but they do some tremendous work.

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