Monday, December 5, 2011

Calm Waters

You have heard the phrase, "the water was calm as glass".   This is what that looks like. 

It was unusually nice for a November commute this morning.  On the lighter side.  I wear a strap to keep my pant leg from getting tangled in the chain ring and this morning after crossing the bridge and portaging the stairs to the lower roadway, I notice the strap was missing.  It's a nice one I got at REI so I decided to back track.   The problem is that the bridge opens to allow boat traffic on the hour and it was getting close to that time.  If I'm on the wrong side, I will be late for work.

I road back looking for the strap at a good clip but had no success.  After carrying the bike back down the stairs for the second time I decided to pull up a sock over my pant cuff as a temporary fix.   Sure enough the strap didn't fall off and was still attached to my ankle, hidden from view under the cuff.  I got to work on time but as the first sentence mentions, it was an unusually warm day.  I was sweating profusely when I got to the office.  Then my shirt began to stink.   Then all the bell ringers piled into the van that I was driving to bring them to the shopping centers.  peeeeee  u.


  1. It sounds like the day i lost me keys...

    Or how about when you spend an hour shoveling the snow getting all hot and sweaty and have to go to work..yuck

    Life in the fast lane..

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