Monday, December 19, 2011

Time to Bundle Up

Today was the first really bundle up day of the season.  Crossing the harbor is the worst part.  It's always windy and cold.
There is also lots of construction on the latter part of my commute.  Or first part depending on weather I'm coming or going.  Which can get confusing at my age.

Carrying bike from bridge to lower road.

Construction makes things safer.  I ride inside the barrels. 

Last hill to climb

Fairhaven High School ( MA.) 


  1. As much as I like biking, I have yet learned to like windy conditions. Actually, that is one thing that will take away all the enjoyment. You have to use twice the energy.

    Anyway, cool pictures as always, and the Fairhaven High School building is lovely!

  2. Hello there,
    Fairhaven resident myself as wife and I moved here this past August...I am on a couple bike committees and trying to get New Bedford to build bike lanes on that bridge now that there is money for it while they're at it...That and a ramp instead of those stairs...You should come to one of our meetings! let me know,