Friday, December 9, 2011

City Riding

Today was the first day of rehab since I had a heart stent installed on Nov. 21.  It's a 6 mile ride to the hospital and the day screamed for a bike ride.  Needless to say the staff was a bit surprised.  I told them I ride every day and also walk 4 or 5 miles with the dogs.   After a 30 minute ride into the wind and mostly uphill, rehab sat me on some machine that resembles a recumbent bike that has handlebars that mimic rowing for 5 minutes.  My heart rate got to 85 and recovered to 58 in a little over a minute.  "See you next Wednesday".  I am scheduled for 36 visits at $15 each.   I flinched and we agreed that I would continue till I lose 10 lbs. Now that I have incentive, that should take about a week.

New Bedford was twice the richest city in America.  It was the whaling capital for a long time then transformed to textiles in the 1920's.   The 1% who ran things built some very spectacular homes.

On the return trip, I ran into a regular biker crossing the bridge with his buddy.


  1. Excellent incentive, indeed – think of all the bikey gadgets you can justify by skipping ahead of the rehab visits. Glad the recovery is going smoothly. Ride on!

  2. Wow. Glad the stent went OK. Keep riding!