Friday, May 4, 2007

I Hate When That Happens

I went to my LBS today to get a pair of velcro pant leg straps, at lunchtime. They did not have any and instead of leaving I stayed to browse the store. I had a pair of $30 riding glasses in my hand, and decided to put them back on the shelf.

Just as I was about to leave I noticed bike carriers. Tomorrow, Steve and I will be driving to NYC with two bikes on my double carrier and one bike inside the car. It'a a Pontiac Vibe, which has good interior versatility. Now I spot this nice three bike carrier for $99.95 and my wheels start turning.
{{{{It sure would be nice to have the whole interior of the car available. I could bring a cooler with food and liquids. Three people would fit comfortably on Sunday.}}}}

Then the calculator in my head begins to operate.
If I go to Dick's Sporting Goods, it would be a lot cheaper.
But the LBS has been good to me.
But I need it before 4PM.
It's either this one, or none.

I bought it. $104 with tax. But I did save thirty two dollars by not buying the glasses and velcro for my pants. Which is about the price for the rack at Dick's. So I got a good deal right?

Speaking of Dick's. They just opened the new Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Denver. The home of the Rapids. My goodness, there are so many possibilities for abusing that name.

Lucky Me

I have seen lots of blogs with posts like this from The Reflector Collector in Roseville MN.
"The other day I took flack from the security guards that management doesn't want bikes in the building any more. Okay, I can deal with that. At least they had moved the bike rack (though small and not securely mounted to anything) to near the front door. Perhaps there might be enough traffic to discourage theft? This morning I arrived to find no bike rack?" The full story

When my office opened 15 years ago, it had a full sized track inside and ample shower facilities to accomodate those who wanted to excercise. The track has been swallowed by increased office space, but the unused warehouse and mail room are empty and available.

A group of workers turned part of the warehouse into a basketball court. The only other biker in the office of 800, stored his bike in the mailroom, which leaves the warehouse for me. He and I are the only two shower'ers in the mornings, but he arrives thirty to forty minutes after me. So, I get the warehouse and the hot water.


  1. My group of Crew fan friends have already been throwing around different nicknames for Dick's Sporting Good Park. The best one we've come up with is "The Phallus Palace."

  2. "The Phallus Palace." Not bad ...

    This post reminded me of one of the commentators on the auto racing shows my grandpa watches. Dick Trickle is the best name ever. Hope the weather is nice there!

  3. You might of paid more at the LBS but you gave them support and that is a good thing.

  4. Hoo boy, I hear ya on the LBS calculator. Still, I love those guys, so I'll be true - 90% of the time.