Monday, June 11, 2007

Make Someone Happy

Sue has taken a volunteer job at the animal shelter. By default, that makes me a volunteer. ("Will you come help me at the shelter darling?) A drafted volunteer. Less than three weeks passed and we have already adopted a cat.

A slide show of Midnight is here if your so inclined, and like cats. He is very white with one blue and one green eye and very very deaf. I bought three squirt guns today. They have been placed in strategic places around the house. Places where Midnight is doing the most damage. Upstairs, downstarirs and the breezway.

By the way, Never, ever wash a cat

I know your all wondering, "Did he ride today?" But of course. We'll get to that in time. Naturally there is a youtube at the end of the post. If nothing else, there is some very relaxing music. The title here and the "youtube" video is for Sue. She was very happy today. In pain because of her back, but happy now. (Red wine).

I read lots of personal bike blogs and one I recommend very highly is Bike riding donut guy. He does not ride much, but he list some really great links. Check him out, It'l be fun. Actually all the blogs to the right are very good, and I do read them daily. Lots of free time don't cha know.

It'l by the way, comes from catsup, in case you didn't know.

"Catsup, catsup

in the bottle.

None comes out,

then a lot'l."

See, apostrophy "L". There is a place for it.

US/El Savadore soccer game on Tuesday night. Saturday is a tripple headder at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.

Sue and I did a 36 mile bike ride on country roads of Fairhaven and Rochester. The ride took us to Marion, Ma. and Tabor Academy, the school by the sea. It was about a three hour ride, that included a stop for some fruit and a few stops for Sue to stretch out her back. We are in training for an October event.

Here is the web album if you don't or can't watch the video. Remember what I said about he music.


  1. Excellent slideshow as always -- and I liked the song, too. Better yet, a very sweet message for Sue there. That looks like a fun ride!

    I am allergic to cats and thus not a cat person (each and every cat is trying to kill me!) But that is a very unique-looking -- and beautiful -- cat.

  2. That's a purty kittie.

    When my wife and I first were married, we adopted a stray they matches your cat....white, and deaf as a post:-)

    She only lived for a couple years but at least the end of her life was comfortable....

  3. I really want to say something now about my cat crawling, getting up into the dryer to curl up with the warm clothes ...