Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Surrogates

Above is the sight of thd bandstand scene.

Finally the security guards have left the area of the movie filming. I was able to get some post production shots to go with the preproduction once I took a few weeks ago. The movie "The Surrogates" was filmed in an area that I commute daily. Bruce Willis and Vin Rhames star in the sci fi thriller. It will be interesting to see what areas make the cut.

Town Market building

Corn field

Remnants of the graveyard scene.

The market during production with the cornfield on the left

In front of the market

I'm not a sci fi fan but will certainly give this one my $7. Just to say, "hey, I have photos of that".


  1. They filmed the Cameron Crowe movie "Elizabethtown" in and around the 'Ville a few years ago. Crowe is from E'town, which is about 45min from here. It was so strange to see the scenes leaving the airport and on the road to E'town. It was a pastiche of every interstate around, north into IN, east through the tunnels, south towards downtown, west again, you get the picture. Perception is reality, especially for film editors.

  2. It's always cool when stuff gets filmed near home and you're not anywhere near Hollywood (or Bollywood, for that matter)

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