Monday, June 21, 2010

Dusted off the Marin

The Marin Belvedere somehow got designated my winter beater a few years back.  Probably because it had fenders.   It's a decent utility bike and I took it off it's storage hooks to head to the city and try and volunteer to an upcoming music festivle.  I want to help out but the organizers make it difficult by being hard to contact.  I gave it a shot and now I'll simply go and enjoy the festivities.  It's this thing.

While in the city I decided to head to the peninsula and my old stomping grounds.   Growing up with the ocean all around us was a hoot.  I can vividly remember feeling sorry for the kids who could not walk to the beach because they lived an astronomicaly three miles inland.  This ride was 16 miles along the waterfront.

Further back around the bend is the beach section.  The building at the top is a early 1900's
era fort that was designed by Robert E Lee to protect the harbor during the Spanish American Conflict.

Years ago, East Beach was always crowed with young families and teens hanging out.  It went through a decade or more pretty much deserted.  The crowds are back and it has taken on a boardwalk atmosphere.

Friendly Son's of St. Patrick memorial

Tall Ship Ernistna

There is no place with a more apropos name.

The Marina at Fairhaven, Ma.

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