Monday, June 28, 2010

Storm Alert

Growing up on the Atlantic coast we never paid much attention to the weather flags that are prevalent along the waterfront. When the weather hit we simply adapted for a few hours. As we mature we pay more attention to it because there may be something at stake.  Like closing the windows or bringing in the hanging plants.  Yellow is "storm alert", and we are expecting a short burst when the cold front collides with the hot humid atmosphere were are experiencing.  The temperature hovered around 90F all day but as the flag shows there is a breeze coming off the ocean, which cools things down if your close to the water.  Good enough for a bike ride.

The usual route takes me over the Fairhaven Bridge spanning the harbor. On busy days the bridge opens every hour on the half hour to let boats pass on their way to the fishing areas.  I was stuck on the east side which coincidentally is where the "incident" took place.  That's happened a couple of months ago when Brandon lost control of his bike and crashed hard.  I was too close behind and ended up somersaulting over my handlebars. His bike had a lot of damage but both of us came out with only bruises.

Headed to sea

Site of the incident

Quohauging in Clarks Cove.  Co hog ing  (co is a long o sound)

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