Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yoga In The Park

Today was the first day of twice weekly "yoga in the park" sponsored by the local YMCA.  It had to be moved from a city park in New Bedford to Cushman Park in Fairhaven Ma. because of liability concerns the city had.  Fairhaven won on that front.

Around 20 people showed and there are a few that I really have to wonder about them returning on Thursday.  .  Some of the poses were difficult and some painful, which forced a few to stop here and there. Lets hope they give it more time and come back on Thursday.

The bike ride to the park passes the building pictured above.  It's a nursing home now, but originally it was the Tabatha Inn.   Built by Henry Huttleston Rogers the benefactor of the town of Fairhaven.  He had this constructed mainly for the use by Mark Twain. (Samuel Clemens) who often visited and would stay at Roger's home.  Inevitably, Twain would write and confess to inadvertently taking something of value back home.  Rogers was convinced Twain was a kleptomaniac and decided to built the in to keep Twain honest.  It's how the super rich solve problems.  Throw a lot of money at it till it's fixed.  

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