Sunday, June 20, 2010

While on A Bike

A few short years in the American bike culture can really change our lives for the better. We know all the health benefits and the other things bikes bring to our lives.  The slow pace or ordinary bike riding offers lots of other things we don't normally think much about.   For example, in the two weeks since retirement, my car has accumulated less than 20 miles on the road. My bikes have traveled just around 150 miles. Jogging and walking have replaced coffee breaks in the office cafeteria and weight watchers online is no longer necessary to keep track of the junk food. There is no more junk in my diet.

This Sunday morning began with a bike trip to the market for a few things. An easy jog with the pups got me back home in time to ride to the village and catch some of the local Fathers Day Road Race. I stopped long enough to see a few friends running.

 The youngest runner

The cutest runner

A short ride would get me to the pier to see the Whaleboat rowing crew off. They are recruiting me to join and I just may.

The afternoon temperature was approaching 90F with high humidity.   I decided to go for a fitness ride in spite of that.  Of course the ride would have to wait while I watched the All Whites of New Zealand take it to the whinny Italians in the World Cup.   Footie first, riding after.

Twenty two miles of mild rolling hills in the country that were flattened out since I got the new bike. Carbon fiber does make a difference.  I was hot and soaking wet but also enjoying the whole ride.  This difficult ride felt right.


  1. Glad you're enjoying the new bike! I am finding the same things ... mine's not nearly as light as yours, I imagine, but it's still a rocket compared to the LHT.

  2. That rowing club looks fun. Huge oars! I assume they’ve got a pony keg stashed in there somewhere, too...