Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dartmouth, MA

Wood Hole to Martha's Vinyard Auto Ferry

Distance       29 Miles
Time            2 hrs. 27 Minutes
Max Speed  29.4 MPH
Ave speed   12 MPH

Twin Falls in Dartmouth was a regular riding route back in the summers of 64 and 65.  It was a daily ride from the south end of New Bedford before work at the beach snack bar.  15 miles round trip was no big deal on a Schwinn three speed cruiser.  My buddy rode his single speed banana bike and cursed constantly both directions.

Today was a roundabout route there and in stead of turning back from the Falls, the ride continued deeper into the southern section of Dartmouth before looping back at the Dartmouth harbor. 

Lunch was at a neat little farm stand with small animals wandering the property. Things like donkeys, sheep, goats and some critters.  There was not much in the way of lunch food and I had to settle on a cheese and berry danish with a chocolate milk. Both hit the spot while sitting at the falls.

At the top of the long Union St. climb.

Settled for a cheese and berry danish with milk for lunch

Lunch at the falls.

The longer route meandered through the winding roads of the southern point of Dartmouth before looping back to the harbor. A man, a bike and the wind was all the activity on that section of the ride.

Just the bike and the road.

Yahd full a cahs (and trucks) 

Dartmouth Harbor looking toward the ocean

Looping back home on Smith Neck Rd in Dartmouth, MA.

There was every intention of ending the day with a swim at Fort Phoenix in Fairhaven, MA till the weather changed.  The wind picked up dramatically, the sky darkened and drops of rain began to fall. The tide was high though which makes for wonderful swimming.   Alas, maybe tomorrow.

Little Toot

Beach goers watch the approaching storm and the fleet going to sea. (click photo for closer look)

High Tide