Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Ride

Distance 25.3
Max Speed 24.7
Ave Speed 13.7
Pedal time 1:51

The choice was a long road ride or a short ride to the beach for a swim and some reading.  The road was 25 miles of blahhh!.   It was one of those days that a long ride did not hit the spot.  That happens and there is nothing wrong with finishing something we don't feel like doing.  This rider certainly won't be sapped of energy tomorrow because of doing to much today. 

There will be no choice of beach or bike tomorrow.  I'm planning on doing both.

Shaw's Cove. Fairhaven, Ma.

Summer home in Fairhaven, Ma.


  1. I LOVE that sign!!! It's so cute! You should send it to this funny website:

  2. Yeah, some days you aren't feeling it. Nothing wrong with that!