Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Much Better Today

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Main St. Wareham, MA.

Distance        31.5 miles
Time             2 hrs. 25 mins pedaling
Max Speed   26.7
Ave speed    13.1 mph
Temp:           85F

Today's ride was a whole lot better than yesterday's 25 mile slog.  The weather cooperated for the back road ride from Fairhaven to Wareham MA. but the wind picked up considerably on the return trip.

Cumberland Farms is the usual lunch spot for this ride. Somehow they managed to contract with a company that really knows how to make prepackaged sandwiches.  Every once in a while a chain place like Cumby's hits the nail on the head.  The egg salad on wheat is one of those things.   Today was ham salad on wheat, just to try something different.  The ham salad doesn't hold up to the egg sandwich. 

Again it was a quick change into bathing wear, a change of bikes and an additional 4 mile ride to the beach for a late summer swim after the road ride.  The ocean temperature is at it's warmest this time of year, and is a really good time to be swimming.

 The high and low tides are running extreme this week, and the late afternoon swim was during the lowest of the low.  Even by walking 50-60 yards out, the water was still only thigh deep and filled with seaweed. The wind was whipping out of the south causing whitecaps and the combination of all that caused the swim to be cut short.  Although the State Reservation is now closed for the season, the ranger leaves the showers available till the swimmers for a few weeks so we can rinse the salt off.

Lunch at Cumby's

The long and winding road home
Herring Run in Rochester MA. 

Crissy and her big dog Angel and new pup befriending a pug behind the bike wheel. 

Gone swim'n


  1. Fantastic! Looks like a great ride and enjoyable swim afterwards. You sure are taking advantage of retirement!

  2. Great pics! Looks beautiful up your way...all I have is cornfields and flat lands around me- I'm a little envious.