Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hurricane Preparation

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Sue meets Audry the flower.

New Bedford is a very popular hiding place for boats and ships wanting to escape the fury of a hurricane.  Yesterday a tall ship entered the harbor which prompted us to bike into the city for some closeup photos. The news reports about the hurricane are increasing in frequency.  Both radio and TV have many interruptions with the weathermen giving updates on the possibilities of the storm track.  Living on the ocean, and in the vicinity of the largest fishing ports in the country give us a head up on most when it comes to weather.  Because of the fishing industry and tourism, we all have grown up with a good education pertaining to weather. This storm is taken both seriously and with a grain of salt, because we know how to prepare.

After visiting the tall ship we biked back to Fairhaven to spend some time at the beach. It was stifling hot again, but nothing a dip in the ocean can't cure.

Working aloft

Captain's patio.  Lots of boats in the background

The cannons still work

We have to portage from the bridge to the street to get to and from the city of New Bedford, Ma.