Monday, September 20, 2010

Use The Map. It's Easier./ $94 Flights

The flags tell the story of the wind

Distance   33.5 Miles
Time        2 hrs 51 mins
max         27.4 MPH
ave          13 MPH 

The wind was really whipping up on this corrected route of the last ride. Checking a map should be a no brainer, but sometimes we bikers tend to just go out and start pedaling when we do a loop from home.

Today's ride was more direct and shorter but was made pretty difficult by the sustained 25MPH winds. Gusts to 30 MPH made things more interesting. Then there was the return trip that evened things out very nicely.

Again it was a non-stop ride which is beginning to become a habit.  I had every intention of stopping for a drink and maybe a stretch, but simply drank while riding and skipped the stretching.

The cross road to the back side of the airport was a little hilly and shorter than expected.  Today was also the first day of riding with a jacket since way back.  The fall equinox is only a couple of days away and soon enough it will be balaclavas and winter gloves for riding.

Southwest has $94 internet specials from Providence to Austin in February.  I'm going to grab one to see #3 son for a long weekend. 

 Found another old cemetary

Halloween is near

This has something to do with the PCB clean up in the harbor


  1. Always enjoy your pics and local history lesson, thanks!

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  3. It looks like you're making the best of your retirement. I'm jealous.

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