Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Snow Leopards

Trying to get a photo of the other commuters is proving very difficult. They are like the elusive snow leopards. You very seldom see one, and when it happens, a glance is it.

My main problem is "highway hypnosis". The commute in the morning is so quiet and routine that I very often don't remember much of the ride. There are six or eight other regualar bike riders at 6:30ish in the city. A city of 90+ thousand by the way. Eight biker riders, whatevahhh!

This morning for example, I was cruising along the main thoroughfare and "BAM" out of nowhere, a rider passed me going the other way. A little later, I did my regular stop at the local newspaper stand and just happened to see the commuter I have been trying to photograph for close to a year. I caught a quick glimpse just as he turned a corner through a parking lot, and rode behind a building. Later as I was about to exit the asylum, I saw a bike pass the main gate heading to the right. My route is left, but I wasn't letting this leopard get away. I chased for a little bit and got close enough for a photo.

There is a regular commuter at work, but he doesn't talk that much. Yea, no, hey, is about all I can get out of him. He is an upper level manager too, so I don't know what that is all about. Maybe he feels uncomfortable around union people. Who knows? He is ok though, 35-38 years old.

It's predicted to be very humid for the next few days. Temps around 90 and most likely hazy. The three "hay-chiz". Hazy, hot and humid.

There are a couple of after work rides to look into. One near the office and one near home. I think they are both on Thursday nights which forces a choice. Both would have been nice.



  1. Well, where's the photo?

    I was enjoying taking photos during my commutes for a while, but like you, as they became routine, I sort of lost interest.

  2. Ditto on the photos. Something has to be pretty damned interesting to get me off my bike and dig out the digi these days. Most of the time whatever cool thing I saw is already gone by the time I can get a picture.

    Alternate those thursday rides, and you'll find out quickly which one you'd rather go on. I did that with my Monday ride and the Trek Store ride is still hands down the best in terms of rapport. If I want a hammerfest, I can go do that on my own. I don't need to be in the presence of 15 other people who are infinitely more fit than I am in order to ride at five nines.

  3. I've got to get better at this shooting while riding thing and it might mean changing how I ride.

    So far I haven't read any posts about candidates for America's Funniest Videos and the crash that was captured on video. I'm trying not to be the first one.

    Instead of simply counting the other cyclists, I could "bag" them with the camera. It may involve a fair amount of backtracking to chase down those going in another direction, but that might be fun too.

    Videos are another option, but I'm finding I don't like the ones shot from a distance. The ones I took last Sunday of our group ride were much more interesting than anything I've captured on my commute.

    Will keep shooting.