Saturday, March 24, 2007

Commuting is Improving

Friday I arose early to bike to work. The temperature was very nice indeed at the 6AM start. What I have noticed and mentioned in the past, is how much the temperature drops at daybreak. So much so that it is very noticable.

Daylight is creeping it's way into the moring ride. Two weeks ago the whole of the 10 mile commute was in the dark. One other disturbing thing that has disappeared is the amount of trucks, suv's and big cars, idling in driveways. Most in excess of 20 minutes.

I usually make a stop to say hello to the workers at the Extra Mart located around the halfway point. They were all very understanding in the winter when I would stop inside to warm up. We chatted a little and I think they kind of liked the company.

Daily I ride through the grounds of the Aslyum and every once in a while get the heeby jeebys thinking about the past residents. The buildings like this were build in the mid 19th century.

I get to the boundary of the industrial park as the morning temps begin to rise causing the mist to rise.

During the home leg, I came across this little fella grazing with mum.

Next week looks great for five days of commuting. Great for us fair weather riders.


  1. Nice to see a reader from the eastside. I like the site. I will be back.

  2. Midnight! Thanks for encouraging my made her day! Bt the way, consider yourself linked..I hope you don't mind. ;)