Thursday, March 29, 2007


It was chilly this morning. I had hoped to get some extra shut eye but the US/Guatemala match kept me up till 11PM.

Only one truck idling empty in a driveway today. (tough guy). We're almost there, being down from about a dozen just two weeks ago.

The wind didn't affect me till the last mile of the commute, when I got into the wide open industrial park. I had to drop down into the granny gear to maintain 10MPH.

My buddy Steve who is trying to get himself to start bike commuting managed to ride a couple of miles before turning back. The cold got to him. "Maybe I wasn't dressed for it", was his reasoning. Possibly, but I really think cold weather riding is an acquired thing that takes a lot of adjusting, one of which is dressing. The difference in our description is telling. He called it "cold", I said 'chilly" Those who do ride in the winter realize it's not the weather it's the layers.

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  1. I would rather ride in "cool" weather than HOT weather. Of course, my idea of "cool" is on the "cold" side. I do think there is a mental part of dealing with cold, if you think you will be cold, you will be cold.

    Thanks for your on my blog, glad you like pictures. I enjoy your pictures, my dad's family is from N. Attleboro, I have never been there so it's nice to see a bit of what MA looks like.