Monday, March 12, 2007

Star Lit Commute

A starlit sky,accentuated by Venus, and a bright half moon. Temperatures hovering around the freezing mark. Perfect for a morning bike commute.

One has to wonder about changing the time three weeks early. In the evenings, houses glow blue from the television. Maybe a light in the kitchen or bathroom. In the mornings, every room is lit like a Hollywood production. Most driveways have an empty vehicle running, steam or smoke spewing from the exhaust. The time change did make it very easy to get up an hour early today though.

I am involved in a fundraiser for a smoking support group, Quit Smoking Journals It"s an annual fundraiser that is tied to my bike commuting mileage, and it occurs just at the right time to get me motivated to return to bike commuting.

I did see a fellow commuter that had gone MIA the last few months. I now realize that he has changed hours and rides much earlier than he used to. He works very close to where I park my car for my commute, so I guess we will be seeing a lot of each other from now on. I say "good morning" every time I see him and eventually I'll get more than a nod from him in passing

1 comment:

  1. Are you in the process of quitting smoking or have you already quit?

    Either way-I hope you are successful.

    It took me several tries to quit but once I made my mind up to quit, it was easy to stay smoke free.