Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Job Transfer

No luck with the bid and the job transfer. I got beat out by kids already in the craft who want to get closer to home. Maybe next time.

On the bright side. I will be able to continue learning Spanish. The workers in the cafeteria are very good teachers. Two from El Salvador and one from Columbia. My co worker from Mexico is a great help, but I am really beginning to notice the differences in dialects.

I am also taking an online course Coffee Break Spanish on iTunes. The teachers are from Scotland which presents another dialect problem. I really wonder what kind of Spanish I will be speaking when I finally get good at it.

Next week really looks good for bike commuting. The extended forecast for Monday and Tuesday call for temps in the 50's.


  1. I didn't realize there was a Scot localization for Spanish.

    I have some of that coffee break Spanich though.

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  3. I hope you get the job transfer next time!

  4. Hey, You're supposed to be learning Austrian!


  5. ¡Tengo gatos borrachos en mi nariz!