Friday, March 30, 2007

Feed the Pigeons

Today is a short day at work. An afternoon appointment followed by a racquetball match.

I got to sleep in and also cycle the clothing supply at work. A couple of pants, shirts, etc. I loaded eveything into the car, started her up before going back into the house to make coffee and get lunch ready. Forty minutes later I was on the road all toasty warm.

Did you notice how the gas prices have skyrocketed lately? What's with that? They say the supply is higher now. How can that be? It's not vacation season. You would think that the summer would be the high demand season. Gas will probably go to $4.
I think we are being taken. What could the reason be for gas to be this high.

I'm playing Toby tonight and will let him get some points in the last game. Maybe even let him win. You know, if you don't feed the pigeons once in a while, they won't come back.


  1. I should probably start leaving more of my clothes at work. Right now, I'm just leaving shoes. It'd be convenient to have more, but I'm not sure where I'd put them, or at least where to keep them without getting them wrinkled. They can handle getting wrinkled for a little while on my way to work, but staying in that state for so long, the wrinkles would become permanent.

    I agree, we're getting screwed over on gas prices. There's gotta be some price fixing or something going on there.

  2. I'm not one to notice many wrinkles, so please discount my comment accordingly. I've had good success rolling my clothes. I'll put the wrinkle proof stuff on the inside, roll it up and stuff it into a plastic grocery bag. Not perfect, but it beats folding.