Saturday, March 17, 2007

The roads are not ready for safe biking since Friday's storm. The daytime melt and overnight freeze makes the edges very slippery. The main problem is that the morning commute is in darkness.

The miles I commute over the next two weeks are part of a fundraiser for an online support group. I have pledged to ride 200 miles, and the first day is already a wash. Tuesday for sure.....maybe. I'll scout a couple of routes on the way home tomorrow and will do my best to find one. Nothing like a little motivation to get one out of bed early mornings. (in the dark).


  1. So that's where my handlebar bag went...

    Just playin. Looks good. 200 miles in 2 weeks? You'd better get moving. I haven't ever gotten 200 miles in a month. Then again, I never really tried.

  2. 100 miles a week is pretty good even if it isn't winter in Massachusetts. In Atlanta we've had great cycling weather and I'm getting the most miles ever during winter, but I'm still only averaging about 65 miles a week.

  3. Sounds like you could use a set of Nokian carbide-studded tires. A large percentage of the people that ride year-round in the midwest have a set of them in their arsenal. You can usually find the pair for $100 if you look around a bit.

    As for mileage in two weeks, you have a pretty steep goal. I stopped to check what my stats are so far this year out of curiosity:

    January: 454.7 miles
    February: 324.8 miles
    March: 522.1 miles

    split these in half to get about two weeks, and I would be getting by with little to spare. If you want more miles for sure, find more and more ways to leave the car at home. In January, I finally got rid of mine for good and I haven't looked back.

    Good luck!