Monday, March 26, 2007

Amazing Grace

Wifey and I had a nice weekend together. I got a couple of hours of riding on Saturday while she went to the gym. I rode to the Fort Taber Museum, for a Viet Nam Veterans event. It was chilly riding along the waterfront, and I arrived at the museum only to find the event was Sunday. (the next day). Seems the news article was wrong.

We topped off the nite in Warren R.I. with dinner at India Restaurant.

Sunday was movie day and we saw, Amazing Grace. I enjoy period movies and this one did a good job convincing us we were in 18th centuy England.


They are back at it. I saw a handfull of trucks idling in driveways this morning. I left the house at 5:30 and merely had to use the windshield washer to clean off my window. I imagine people look out of their house, see frosted windows, click their remote starters, then go shower and make coffee.

The ride this morning was chilly, I have to say. It was 36 at the start and at daybreak dropped to 31F. However, the return ride is what it's all about. Mid 50's and sunny. (So they say).

Bill Maher just keeps getting better and better. HBO is good for him.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for checking out my blog. You could say I'm a "Cutter," I live in (and am a native of) Bloomington, Indiana -- although nobody in my family actually works in limestone. So I'm not sure if I qualify.

    I do have a digital camera, but it's too big and too expensive to take on most rides; I sometimes use my girlfriend's old digital camera, which is small but doesn't take the greatest photos, or the aforementioned film point & shoot camera. I actually have a bunch of photos waiting to be posted, and hopefully I'll get around to that tonight.

    Eventually, a better point & shoot digital camera would be great to have, but it's not in the budget right now.

    Anyway, thanks again for the visit. I have also been checking out biking/commuting blogs from around the country, and am glad to know about yours.

  2. It's not just in your town where they do that running there cars in front of the house thing -- they do it here and it doesn't even get cold. Sometimes I see people in the evening sitting in their cars with the engine running -- talking on the phone. They have their foot on the brake or the lights on.

  3. I get the podcast of Bill's HBO show to listen to at work.

    Makes me laugh out loud sometimes.....