Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Grand Possibilities

The week has the potential of being a big milage week. Temps in the 70's and low 80's and the weekend looks the same. There is a family gathering in Conneticut, and biking may be part of the day. I could very well become an honorary member of this group

Got up easily today (some days are a stuggle that I don't always win), and even left the house 10 minutes early at 5:20. Got a block away and realized this was a jacket and long pant day since the temp was 58. I also noticed my cup of coffee on the counter, which is an essential part of getting the engine running. I have a 30 minute drive to the mall before unloading the bike and ride about an hour to the office. A few miles from home I realized I had left without my cell phone. It's a fact that this would have been the day a cell phone was going to be needed if it was not retrieved. With all that drama, ten minutes early ended up 15 minutes late. Also, I loaded the "tank" for todays commute, a Marin Belvedere, that not only is heavy, but also sports upright handlebars, that turn me into a sail. A little creative riding, blasting traffic controls, and taking shorcuts and the end result was five minutes later than the normal arrival time.

That other commuter that seems to appear all of a sudden showed today. Funny thing is, I was looking for him, thinking that being late I may see him and get a photo. As usual, I looked up just in time for us to cross paths with the camera snug in my handle bar bag.

My dog walking partner is comming home from hospital today. I'll still be taking his dog without him till he recovers from a collapsed lung. He is also comming home with a bag full of pain meds, so there could be trouble. Two people in his family and his girlfriend, are itching to get their hands on that stuff and I really expect the meds to go missing.

There is a neat book site called BookCrossing dot com. It's similar to "where's George" and tracks the travels of any book you register with them. I'll be dropping off three books to "travel" withing the next two days, making sure they are in a spot most likely to be taken home and not simple disgarded. But you never know.


  1. BookCrossing is very interesting. I've set a few books off into the wild. Most people just grab the books and never log them. Oh well. I'm currently reading David's Sling, which is a sci-fi war novel I found at (guess where?!) the Daily Dose. At least I logged that I found it so that "DragonGoddess" can see where it's been. Oh wait. It's been rotting on that bookshelf for a year and I'm apparently the first one to touch it.

  2. I just learned of and signed up for BookCrossing the other day (via Kiril the Cycling Dude). I guess I need to buy the stickers and stamps and all that before I set my big pile of books free. I read about one book a week, so I have quite a collection, and I'm not the type to read a book more than once.

  3. I don't think you need to buy anything. Last I checked, you can download PDFs of the book labels, with the option to have sequential BID numbers printed on each.

  4. I bought the stamp and some stickers, mostly to support the sight.

    Now I just put the BC ID and write a note to go to the web page.

    Three books have had multiple hits, the other dozen or so are missing.

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