Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Putzing Around Town before Training Ride

The end of the day was a 22 mile fitness ride in Acushnet and Fairhaven. It's the original bike route that began my second riding career. That was a few years ago and it still holds it's appeal for obvious reasons.

The day began simply putzing around town. McDonalds for breakfast and a quick trip to the kennels to help out wifey as she does her volunteer work there. I decided to ride back home, grab my book, Metal Cowboy, which I'm really enjoying, and ride to Fort Phoenix beach.

Sunday I stopped by the beach and decided to try something form Captain Clam Cake. I ordered a half dozen cakes that were very tasty. I didn't find any evidence of clams, but they were good none-the-less. Today I decide to forgo the fried foods and just relax and read for a while.

A stop at the library saw a bunch of bikes out front. There were a couple more off to the side. The brown Brooks saddle is my commuter bike.

Every time I ride around town on my bike, I find another interesting thing or two. Amazing how many years I drove by these place and never noticed them.

My dog walking buddy, Brandon had surgery for his collapsed lung and is recovering nicely. My tests on Tuesday came out fine. Four dogs got adopted from the kennel including Brandy, the little guy who got mauled, and the two strays who came in over the weekend were retrieved by their owners. So, after a tough few days, things are returning to normal.

On my evening ride, I took a detour that took me to an old out of the way cemetery where I saw this. Check out the dates.

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  1. I'm glad things are returning to normal.

    That winding road in the first shot looks like a great ride. The old house in the second to last one looks awesome, too!

    Some cemeteries around here have a weird mixture of old and new stones. That stone is in great shape, given its age!

  2. I'm sure it is a replacement from the original. They style is 20th century and the stones from the 1800's are very difficult to read.

  3. That is one fancy looking library!