Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Hounds of Fairhaven

Saturday and Sunday mornings I head over to the animal shelter and help wife clean up and take care of the dogs. There are other volunteers but none work on the weekends. She is the official volunteer and does most of the kennel cleaning and feeding the dogs. My duties are cleaning the yard, (picking up shit) and playing with the dogs.

I always bike to the pound, usually stopping for breakfast on the way over. The photos tell the story better.


  1. There is simething truly satisfying about helping out with animals. My wife, daughter and myself have over the years volunteered at the Kennebunk Shelter, fostered serious numbers of cats, and generally been involved as much as time and opportunity allows.

    The gratitude of the attention starved animals really gets to me. I often want to take them home. But well, we are kinda full up, what with 7 cats and a dog.

    I think your donating weekends to them is absolutely great. If only more folks would step up.

    Burning out is a common problem. We've burned out several times. But when the batteries re-charge, we're back at it. My wife just informed me it was about time we fostered some more kitties.

  2. My first job was working at a kennel (picking up shiit), and I got paid $1.10 a hour for it.