Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lost in Space

A 20 mile training ride on the country roads of Acushnet and Rochester Ma. My Road Morph pump clip has broken and the dam thing keeps falling off the bike. Four times I had to back track and retrieve it from the road. I bought some velcro to keep the thing attached tonight. That will get attached soon. I did try e-mailing the Road Morph company but was ignored. None of the LBS carry such minor parts. One had contacted the company to send the broken clip twice. Nada on that either. So much for that outfit.

The ride was like being in space. I zoned out a few times and really did not notice much. I stopped at a golf course and watched a threesome approach the tea. I was on the road a little behind the green. It's about a 100 yard shot from tee to green. It looked like young high school kids and when I saw one change clubs I figured he took one out that was long enough to reach me. Time to move on. I glanced back on the way out and saw him change clubs again.

The weekend is approaching and there are a couple of club rides to try out. Or I may just go alone and get lost in space again. Whatever.


  1. I love just hitting the countryside for a few hours. Miles show mysteriously pass as your mind wanders, free from stress.

    It makes me want to go on a really long bike tour. I wouldn't mind having the wife along for that ride, of course. But in general, the less people with me, the better when I'm just moseying around on the bike.

  2. I certainly know the feeling, when everything melts away for a while and you sort of shake yourself out of it and marvel at where you are. There's a driving equivalent, but it's a lot more dangerous and a lot less pleasant.