Friday, August 31, 2007

Guess Who?

Ghost Rider approaching

Ghost Rider Ghost shot

I caught him just before he disappeared

The threat of thunder storms kept me off the bike today. The sun was rising on the drive to work but I also saw the distinct line where the clear sky turned cloudy. It looked ominous.

My 11 year old neighbor Austin, left his bike lying in my front yard. I noticed the bike had a flat and there was a spare tube on the ground next to it. Am I being taken for granite?


  1. Yes!! Finally! I knew you could do it. And he must be a real ghost because he's riding right through that car!

    That's really funny about your neighbor's bike. I'd probably help, but make him ask for it. Geez.

  2. At least he supplied the tube. The kids around here just expect me to have tubes and patches on hand....which I oh well!

  3. You should change the tube for him, but make him help you so he learns how.