Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bike Parking

A bike at every tree.  (Click for big)

Every week more and more bikes are showing for "Yoga in the Park".  Space is at a premium.

Last night was the Buzzards Bay Rowing Club's "Full Moon Row".   Ten showed for the six person crew. Three opted out and one came along for the ride in the bow.  The starboard rowers, the 1, 3 and 5 spots sit on the left side and the port 2 and 4 seats are on the right.  The crew looks forward to the stern and the coxswain looks aft to the bow.  When he calls for "port row" the people sitting on the right row.  Confused?  Of course not.  Everyone knows when rowing, the crew sits backward. Facing the stern or the back of the boat.  It was too dark for photos on the ocean but it was ok for some shipyard and dock photos before we set out.

A private yacht home ported in Bikini

The Fredrikstad

Dry dock. This slips on rails into the deeper water. The boat settles on the pads and a very large chain drags the whole thing ashore.


  1. http://www.yachtcouncil.com/Used/75'0''(22.9m)/1968/SMEDVIK+MEK-for-sale-in-MA?Boatsforsalesearch=basicinfo&vessel=64693

    you can buy the Fredrickstad $1.4M

  2. Love the “bike at every tree!” Sounds like some kind of enlightened campaign slogan. I’d vote for that…