Monday, July 12, 2010

Twenty Five Unintentional Miles

It has been unusually hot and humid which has kept me off the road bike. Actually it's the lack of water that did the rides in. I decided to go to the new bike shop one town over to pick up a saddle mounted double water holder. I figured it would be smart to bring the road bike and decided to take the longish route on the back roads.

I installed it at the shop and decided to do the usual tri-town route of Fairhaven, Acushnet and Rochester but in reverse. Even though I have done this route dozens of times, riding it backwards made it seem like a brand new ride.   I  did stop at the local golf course for a rest.  For weeks I have been considering dusting off the old clubs and giving the game another try.  I played five or six days a week for years but six years ago I walked off this same course after playing five holes and have not touched a club since.  In the middle of that round it hit me that I no longer enjoyed the game and it was senseless to continue, even as a single digit handicap player.  Maybe someday but not today.

I did make a stop at the local packie to pick up a couple of nips of bourbon. Jim Beam Black. A little something to water down the cola, you know?

Rochester Golf Club

Bourbon and bikes.  Nice

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  1. Don't do it. Riding is so much better than cow pasture pool.