Friday, July 30, 2010


It's a cheap Portuguese vinho verde (green wine),  and also a very expensive Portuguese tall ship.   She sailed into the harbor yesterday and will remain, open to the public, till Tuesday.  She is here to help celebrate the Portuguese Feast.

The days morning errands were close enough for the short extra couple of miles to visit the Gazella. While there, one of the local whaling boats came by for a visit. 

One of the Buzzards Bay Rowing Club boats

The High Speed Ferry to Martha's Vinyard Ferry is having a busy year.  This is the third or fourth season for this service and it has really caught on.  Before this it was an hour and a half drive to Woods Hole.  Lots of out of state cars in New Bedford's lot this summer. 

Also, because of the Feast, much of the fishing fleet is "in" for the weekend.  There is a blessing of the fleet on Sunday and lots of the old time Portuguese still subscribe to those superstitions.

Finally, the irony of the day photo.  A man on his bike getting gas.
The Gazella

Martha's Vinyard High Speed Ferry

The fleet is in port for the Feast

There is irony here