Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dutch For The Day

Wearing the Orange of Holland

I was again called to row with the Renegades team as a sub.  The coxswain is Dutch and while here, her mum usually rides along.  I showed up in full "Orange" showing my colors for todays World Cup final.  I have been a Dutch fan since 1974 when Johann Cryuff captained the squad.   Visiting Holland was on my life "to do" wish list and in 2006 I attended the World Cup in Germany, and stayed in Amsterdam for three days.  Check.

Marieke our coxswain

The waterfront is teaming with activity in the summer with so many pleasure and commercial boats. Our boats are moored at one of the shipyards so getting up close to boats in dry-dock is a cinch.

 Fairhaven, MA is a fishing village that makes one think they are in Europe. It's not only a nice place to visit, it's also a nice place to live.

In for repairs.

Boston Fire Brigade Boat

A storm is a brewin

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