Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Afternoon Bike and Row

After visiting the tall ship Gazela in the morning, I decided to ride a couple of towns over to pick up a combination shopping bag/pannier for getting groceries.  Mattapoisett's MUP is being built in sections and part of the bike to the center of town is through the unfinished section. It soon breaks out into a spectacular view of the bay.
End of finishes section of MUP

A short ride through the woods

Break out of the woods to this view. (click any photo for big)

I had little time to get ready and ride to the docks for the Friday night whale boat row.  Some of our crew had not seen the Gazela yet and we decided to row over.   The crew of the tall ship were by now used to us coming along side and one asked if he could join us.  We welcomed Marcus aboard and he took a turn at the #2 oar.   I was at #3 and could hear his heavy breathing as he struggled to pull water.  He soon learned to pull with his back and legs, not arms, and settled into an easy row. 

As we approached the dock to pick up Marcus the tourist boat Cuttyhunk was cleaning up after a day of transporting people back and forth from the small island. There was a high school aged lad getting things in ship shape and a few commented what a great summer job this must be. 

Part of the Gazela crew

Marcus wiping perspiration while taking his turn at the #2 oar.

Working on a tourist boat.  A great summer job for a high schooler.

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