Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summerfest Music Festival

The 15th Summerfest kicked off with a Friday night hootenanny. The Kennedys, Little Johnny England and Caroline Aiken did the honors.  It was a pretty good show if you don't compare it to the Saturday night finale, "Music Is Upon The Town".  That session featured the Kennedy;s Johnny England and the Boston Boys. In the middle of a jam the Kennedys called for a fiddle off.  That brought the crowd to it's feet and electrified the performers.  For the remainder of the set they continuously cut loose with some classics done very differently. Aretha Franklin's "Think" done bluegrass style, the Byrds "Eight Miles High" done by the trio of performers brought down the house.

Eric Robertson and the Boston Boys were the surprise hit of the Saturday evening show.  They are all current students at Berkley College of Music in Boston and the lead singer had a smile that filled the room all evening.  It's not often a performer displays how much fun they are having.

Little Johnny England  "The Sparrow Club"

The Boston Boys "Listen"

Center Street

Dancing in the aisles

Is it her?

Jeremy Kittel and Nathaniel Smith on celo.

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