Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Best Plans

Wifey is in Atlanta visiting #2 Son. I had an extended weekend planned doing lots of biking, preparing for the five boroughs tour in New York City. The forcast calls for rain and snow today and tomorrow, with a sever nor'easter forcast for Sunday and Monday. Riding the East Bay Bike Path on Saturday is still in the works.
Saturday night is Buddy Guy concert at the Zeiterion Theater

All this while waiting to have a root canal on Tuesday. Fortunately the dentist was sympathetic and gave me a little something to get through the weekend. Everything has a silver lining.

The post with music just may be really good when I do that one. See you then. Happy weekend to my six readers.


  1. Or seven. Hope you get to squeeze that ride in. We're expecting the effects of that same nor'easter here in Virginia, too.

  2. I also hope you get to ride. The weather here has been a bummer, too. Here's hoping that you, me, and all our cyclist friends get to ride at least once over the weekend.