Saturday, April 14, 2007

Buddy Guy and Biking

Number 3 son and I got tickets to the Buddy Guy concert As advertized the show was amazing.

After an hour or so of some great blues, Buddy stopped the music and told a story about an 8 year old, Quinn Sullivan who came into his dressing room and wanted to play with him. When he heard the kid he asked him to join him onstage later in the show.

The kid brought down the house. His 20 minutes made the $45 ticket price seem cheap. Buddy played a riff, the kid matched him. Buddy got a little fancier, the 8 year old matched him. Buddy cut loose and was easily matched. The youngster ended up closing the show and continued to play for a few minutes with the band after Buddy left the stage.

Out of the blue, he approached a big star, played for him and there is no doubt you will be seeing him on tv and news shows, very very soon. Watch for him.

Before the show, Brandon and I dined at a really nice waterfront restaurant named Davy's Locker, before making the trek back downtown to the theater.

In the morning I managed to ride the East Bay Bike Path with some friends. The 26 mile ride included a hearty breakfast in Warren, R.I. Click the link to strike up the music and view the slidshow to see what we saw.


  1. I really enjoy your slideshow things, and the fact that you take so many photos in general. I've been a bit remiss in that lately, although I haven't ridden as much as I'd like, either.

  2. Buddy Guy. Just the mention of his name brings back sweet memories of throwing back shots of Ezra Brooks and swaying to the rifts coming from the small stage at some blues bar in the mid Atlantic.

    Those days are gone now. I had to stop the likker. But I still sway to his music.

  3. Buddy Guy is a real treat live. I had the chance to see him at least a dozen times when I was living in the Twin Cities during the 90's. Several times I saw him for free at outdoor summer events in St Paul. It's one person I recommend to everyone to see once before you die. Him and BB King!!

  4. That was a HUGE dog. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  5. Nice slideshow. And that WAS a big dog! Looks cold up there!