Saturday, April 7, 2007

Opening Day

Here is where the cat is let out of the bag for some. I am not "THE" but "A" Midnight Rider and part of this lively group

is the purpose of our existence

Finally, opening day. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL??????


  1. Revolution huh? My daughter was a crazed soccer player from age 8 right through Div lll college. She dragged us to some Rev games. We are fans, but obviously not as dedicated as you folks. Catch quite a few on the tube though.

    I notice in the "about us" blurb, you folks do not allow anti-social behaviour of any kind. Bummer.

  2. Oh Man! I hate giving up the early goal.

    We're going to be up in Boston July 14-21. Looks like the Revolution are out-of-town that weekend we come in and we're leaving before the match with Houston.

    We attended Atlanta Beat matches for the three years the league was alive. Miss seeing top notch soccer.

    mrmacrum, my daughter has a good shot at playing soccer at a Div I school. She's currently a sophomore in high school. Interested to hear your perspective on athletics vs. academics.

  3. soccer? What's that??? Just like cycling, it's not big in Alaska but it's starting to grow on the school and kid's community leagues.

    I saw a pro game a few years back (on TV) and I think it must be one of the most intense active sports I have ever seen, non-stop action and the guys are pretty darn nice to look at :)

    White water rafting is a big time activity at my house right now, as well as fighting off hypothermia.

  4. Hey Midnight Rider: Bringing your post on my site over here for thread continuity:
    The womans national team is playing here this Saturday. It's a double header with the Revs.

    I have season tickets, but I'm going to take "the replacement son" (for some culture), to see Buddy Guy in concert.

    Daughter must be pretty good to already be being scouted by Div.I.

    I played all my life and coached of 20 some odd years at all levels.

    It's unusual to run into someone our generation who played soccer growing up in the US. I guess most of your teams were in MA? You had coached Men or Women?

    Most of the players on my daughter's club team and their opponents could play Div I soccer, so it's not just her that is being scouted. The team is amongst the top teams in the south east so they get attention.

    Interestingly, along with maybe half of her teammates, she says she'll pick the school for an academic match before she accepts soccer money. I just hope I can be as grown up about this as she is ;-).

  5. Just to stir the pot a little, that's not football, that's soccer!

    I've never been huge into soccer, although I did attend a few IU soccer games growing up here. The best one was interrupted by a storm, the tornado sirens went off, and everyone had to huddle under the bleachers (mostly in the restrooms, as they had the most shelter) until it was over.

    Once it was safe, they resumed the game. It was a big sloppy muddy mess, a great fun to watch. From the looks of the players, it must've been even more fun to play.

  6. Gotta agree with apertome above. In the US, Soccer is Soccer, not Football. We already have a game called Football, and it's also a great game.

    We should be proud to call Soccer what it is over here - every other nation in the world makes the game their own, we need to do the same.

    Not everyone in the US who played soccer growing up is from the Northeast... I'm a Michigander by birth and I played youth soccer for a long time. Unfortunately my high school didn't have soccer as a sport so that's where it ended for me until rec soccer as an adult.

    Well, it's great to have the season going again...

    ...and GO CREW! :)