Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The miles are adding up

pNow that the weather is better, at 6AM it's light out, and the bikes are all tuned up, it's much easier to get up that hour early to bike to work. Yesterday however, I decided to sleep in and ride the MUP in Fairhaven with wifey after work. We did an easy 7 miles.

This mornings commute was very different. I somehow managed to experience "highway hypnosis". I was about two thirds through the commute and couldn't remember getting there. I was distracted thinking about other things and was in auto mode. That's good? I guess??

I may get one more commute in this week before the rainy weather hits. Steve, a co-worker, who is riding the NYC five boroughs next week, and I, are planning a 30+ ride in Rhode Island on Saturday.

There are very few things I watch on TV. My favorite is Independent Lense. It usually broadcasts late, which can scrap the following day's commute. Luckily there are multiple broadcast.


  1. It's so great that the weather/light situations are becoming more conducive to cycling. I'm not opposed to riding in less-than-ideal conditions, but it's a lot harder to be motivated to do so.

    "Highway hypnosis" is an interesting phenomenon, especially when it happens on a bike. Cars don't seem to demand quite as much alertness (emphasis on "seem"), but it still happens to me from time to time while cycling, and it's strange.

    I almost drove to work today, but then I didn't. It's supposed to rain, but I stuck with my "if I can arrive at work dry, I don't mind getting wet on the way home" philosophy. It seems to work pretty well for me.

    Thanks for reminding me (indirectly) that I need to do a little work on Sarah's bike.

  2. I've been yearning for more miles. Part of it is counting the miles and comparing with the previous week, but also, I'm just enjoying it way too much. It gets harder to turn the front wheel toward my destination whether it's home or office.

    I thought I might curb my appetite by taking the hilly route. Wrong. Now I'm fired up about a series of posts on the hills around Atlanta. I guess I'll just have to succumb to my craving.

    Are you taking the same route on your commute each day? I often find when I take a familiar route I'll switch into auto-pilot and pass landmarks without recalling them. This is especially true when I'm riding with others. We get caught up in conversation and all of a sudden we're almost home again.