Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fitness Ride

Slept in again this morning. I'm planning to do the route that introduced me to riding years ago. It's a loop that can range from 15-26 miles. My first ride on the old Huffy 12 speed was the 15 mile loop. Back in the days when watts, mph, and cadence were important, this was the place to ride at speed because there is a good mix of hills and flats.

Our neighbor called yesterday and asked if we could spare three beers for her son who was returning from a commercial scallop trip. Not a problem. I have some Sam Adams Winter Brew that I can take or leave. Glenn got three of those and in exchange we got a bag of fresh scallops. BTW, New Bedford Ma. has been the #1 scallop port in the world for many years.

A note about fresh scallops. The scallops could have been taken yesterday, or over a week ago on the first day of the trip. Glenn is the boat's first mate and always brings his mum the latest catch. Ours were caught and shucked around 25 hours before we cooked them. A very good trade if I say so myself. My beer of choice with fresh baked scallops? Peroni

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