Sunday, April 22, 2007


The wind was unexpected, I was tired and it wouldn't have taken much for me to ditch this ride. As usual, it passed un-noticed and the ride becomes the natural thing to be doing.

I took note of the progress of the rebuilding of the East Fairhaven School. Both the kids went there and it's also where the Mariner Soccer League was born in 1977.

I was going to ride out to Marion, Ma. where the annual Boat race to Bermuda originates. The tired legs told me to make this an easier recovery ride. The back roads to Mattapoisett would suffice.

Those roads took me past old fish hatchery

and a cemetery dating to the early 19th century. Most of the houses also have plaques that tell of the original owners and the dates of the home. It's very common around here and most date to the early or mid 1800's.

Thinking about lunch at the Oxford Creamery had me drooling. It's a seasonal business and the place is packed on the warm summer evenings. The line was outside the door, the parking lot was full and there was no room at any of the outdoor tables. Water would have to do for now.

The ride then took me down to the waterfront. Crescent Beach and Point Connett were devastated by Hurricane Bob in the early 90's. Strawberry point had twenty two homes vanish when a thirty foot tidal surge hit. Those homes are now rebuilt, and all on stilts.

There was a woman rider I saw a few places. I caught up to her at the crossing that took us back to the country roads for the return leg, and tried to start a conversation. I asked her where she was heading, she was very vague and very slow in getting started. I took the hint and moved off. Not long after, I was taking a couple of final photos and heard "on your left". I caught the faintest smirk as she passed and let her put some distance between us. We ended up taking the same roads and I wonder if she thought me a predator?

Lots of families, people on bikes and lots of teens on bikes. That's nice to see.
The wind on the return leg made the ride difficult. I ended up doing a pretty good training ride along with a photo taking ride.

The weather will allow commuting to work for at least the first three days. If I can get out of bed at 5AM.

Here is what I saw with some music.


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  2. There sure is a lot of beautiful scenery in those photos ... and it's cool to see so many other cyclists in them.

    It's pretty funny about that woman. I find fellow cyclists are often not very friendly. I haven't figured out why yet. Maybe they're taking themselves too seriously ... or maybe I have that whole "predator" look going on as well!

  3. Many cyclists are non-conformists. (I look like a non-conformist, but I'm really just not any good at being a conformist.)

    I find it interesting who speaks with me and who doesn't when I'm on a ride. I see more extremes on the bike than I do when I walk to work. Pretty much the same route, same neighbors, but broader range of friendliness with the cyclists.