Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Break in the Weather

The Nor'Easter that has been hanging over Cape Cod is finally moving off. It was an opportune time to drop of the commuter bike for the needed repairs. A new chain and cassette.
Saturday and Sunday will be pretty good riding days and 70 or 80 miles over the weekend is a very high possibility.
With pictures of course.
In the meantime, a little something from last summer in Amsterdam.


  1. Great! It looks to be beautiful here this weekend, too. I'm hoping to hit the trails one day and the road the other. Looking forward to hearing about your rides and seeing your photos.

  2. It might be a pretty decent weekend here also, it looks like the bike paths have been swept off and the wind isn't blowing 40 mph anymore. My plan is to go for a ride on the Zing and also get my commuter bike ready to start the ride to/from work next week. YeeHaw! No trail riding here yet, everything is still too soggy.