Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ira Glass

The weather is not at all condusive for biking, which allows or forces me to do other things, like racquetball. Too bad no one else found themselves in the same conundrum. I had two courts to myself at prime time. Usually all the courts are booked from 5-8 PM and I have to hang around for a no-show (or injury) to get to play. I couldn't bring myself to do any physical stuff today so I just went home and flipped on the tv.

Except for Countdown with Keith Olbermann, I am strickly a PBS watcher. (If I watch anything at all). I happend to catch Charlie Rose, who by the way, I enjoy very much as an interviewer. His guest are ladies and gentlemen, and discuss any differences as such. The other end of the spectrum are things like Fox, UPN, and other networks, all of which are the reasons I don't watch tv.

One of my favorites is listening to PBS radio shows. In particular "This American Life", with Ira Glass. His radio show is so comfortable, entertaining and eye opening.

Ira was a guest on the second half of the Charlie Rose show today.

The glass interview begins just beyond the blue square at the bottom of the screen.

The You Tube below is a trailer of "This Amerian Life" radio show adapted for tv.

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  1. It's a low-mileage week for me, too. I've ridden to work every day, despite cold weather and a nasty storm, but I only did one extra-curricular ride. I'm itching to go riding, but it's hard to feel motivated to do so when it's so crappy outside.

    I (finally) posted some things about Patricksburg that nearly ghost town I mentioned before.